Homemade Mozzarella …. or so we hoped!

Today I must share the story of our failed attempt to make cheese.  We bought a kit to make our own mozzarella ~ Yes, I am sure that I could have purchased the ingredients I needed for way less than this kit from Canada; but it was just so darn cute and I couldn’t resist.  It came with everything we needed except of course the milk.  So we gather together all of our equipment; read the provided recipes; look at a couple of online recipes; even watch a couple of videos on You Tube.  Seems easy enough……

We’ve taken the rennet and the citric acid and dissolved them in their own bowls as directed.  Heat the milk to 55 degrees; add the citric acid and stir.  Then we heat to 90 degrees adding the rennet and stirring for no more than 30 seconds as directed … removed heat and let set for 5 minutes.  Here’s where it all went wrong we think …. what does “somewhat hold its shape” mean?  I said “oh, I think that is right”.  Perhaps we were premature in deciding it was holding it’s shape.  Perhaps the milk is ultra-pasturized and unmarked.  Perhaps …..

So we proceed on cutting the curd; heating again, waiting some more … then straining …..

This picture actually makes it look like something but as I continue releasing the whey it all disintegrates.  We decide to continue anyway … heating the whey and trying to knead our cottage cheese ball into something.  I wish I had taken more pictures but by this time the disgust has set in and after several more minutes of trying to make cheese we put on our coats and head to the chinese restaurant for some carry out…. we shall try again.  Just got another gallon of milk perhaps Monday will bring more luck!

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