Pork Roast and Baked Sweet Potato ~ Sneak Peek

My goal for the year is to post every day.  So far so good.  In fact I actually started this blog in December.  Of course someday’s it will appear that I’ve skipped a day or posted twice in one day; midnight creeps up fast some times and while I’m editing the day changes.  Anyway ~ today was super busy ~ in fact one of the busiest days the restaurant I manage has experienced in quite a long while!  We served about 3 times the expected crowd; and we were expecting to be busy.  I didn’t stop running for at least 5 hours.  Thankfully I had a fantastic lunch to get me through!

Charles made stuffed pork loin wrapped in bacon and baked sweet potatoes.  I love my baked sweet potato with butter, pepper, and coarse salt.  If you haven’t tried this savory approach you should.  I’d always been offered them with sugar and cinnamon butters but I much prefer this version.

I will be posting the roast recipe and technique soon.   For now I must collapse and enjoy what little of my evening is left ~ Kimberly

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