Fresh from the Garden ~ Basil

Just a quick post today.  I’m working on some lasagna which I will share probably tomorrow but I must share with your my favorite technique for cutting basil.  I like to plant a few different varieties of basil; today I used a purple and another that has both green and purple colors. 

First remove any flowers and stems.

Place about a teaspoon of olive oil.  This amount will vary based on how much basil you have; I ended up with about a tablespoon of basil so add more oil if needed.  You just want to make sure all the leaves are lightly coated.

Gently stir around the basil to coat with oil.  Now for the next step.  Stack up the basil leaves; and roll up similar to the picture below.

Using a sharp knife slice the basil in to thin strips; chiffonade if you please.  The olive oil keeps the leaves from bruising. and the rolling of the stacked leaves makes short work of the task.

Enjoy ~ Kimberly

5 thoughts on “Fresh from the Garden ~ Basil

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