Chicken and Avocado Wraps

I have been trying to perfect wraps for lunch the past couple of days.  The flavor is perfect. the combination is excellent, but my execution is sub par.  I think I should have actually bought the bigger wrap shells, but I wanted to try out the whole wheat version and they were a little smaller than the wraps but bigger than the taco shells.  Anyway here is my wrap; tasty even if not the prettiest ever.

  • 1 avocado
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 3 tortilla wraps
  • leftover roasted chicken ~ about 1/2  cup or so
  • salsa ~ a spoonful or so for each taco
  • lettuce

Mash avocado with lime juice, salt and pepper; divide among shells.

Add chicken to each and a spoonful or so of salsa.

Lettuce would be a nice touch now ~ you’ll notice I forgot the lettuce in my pictures but we unrolled them and added it before eating! Fold in sides and roll up.  I had to spread my filling around a little bit to accommodate the rolling. Secure with toothpick if desired.

Enjoy ~ Kimberly

5 thoughts on “Chicken and Avocado Wraps

  1. So I have a question about the look of this post on your site, not really about actual post (it looks delicious and I think I’m gonna try it). But I’m new to this site and I was wondering how you got your little thumbnails under the big picture. If that makes sense?

    • The thumbnails you saw when you found my page are created by wordpress once a post is posted. It creates them from the pictures on the post. That view from which you found my post doesn’t seem to be anything I can change or control, but pictures can be resized and aligned when adding pictures to the post. Different layouts have different picture lineups so my best advise for your page is browse through the themes to find one that suits your page; there are quite a nice free options to choose from. Hope that helps. Good luck with your blog.

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