Homemade Window Cleaner ~ a non-food post today!

Ok, so this would be my first non-food post on this blog, but I got so busy cleaning today I didn’t take time to cook anything!  We had leftovers for lunch and breakfast and I took Charles out to dinner so I didn’t have to do anymore cleaning.  In any case I’ve found it’s impossible to find a good window cleaner; it seems like the fancier they get the more streaks I get.  I know using things like newspapers and coffee filters work, but oddly those are things I don’t readily keep around.  Newspapers will be used this winter to fire up the wood stove and Charles uses a Keurig brewer with a filter basket.  I however have a big old bag of shop towels that are  great for cleaning; virtually lint free and reusable! Anyway on to my recipe.  Most use more water than vinegar but I like a higher vinegar ratio for getting rid of heavy residue.  I don’t wash windows often so between the dust from this dry summer, my pets, rain spots and any other contaminates I have pretty dirty windows.

  • 1 cup water
  • 2 cups vinegar
  • 1 – 2 Tbs dawn dish soap ~ other kinds may work too but I always use dawn

Combine in sprayer bottle shaking well before use.  I find this works really well;  I like to spray it on fairly heavily using one cloth to wash then after dry spray lightly one more time and wipe off using a clean towel. It will leave a vinegar smell around but vinegar is great for eliminating odors so after a few hours you will be left with only clean windows!

Enjoy ~ Kimberly